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JoAnna  Gwynn
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Principal's Corner

Instructional Excellence

"Most leaders in all sectors of society are creatures of the organizations they lead.  Nowhere is this more true than in public education, where principals and district superintendents are recruited almost exclusively from the ranks of practice...One does not get to lead in education without being well socialized to the norms, values, predispositions, and routines of the organization one is leading."  Richard Elmore

Indistar:  Dimension A2- Teaching and Learning

  • Teachers must create an environment of Mastery Learning
  • Teachers must express confidence in their students' ability to complete and succeed in the work, spark student interest in lessons by starting with related but fun activities, providing encouragement and support for students to keep going, and allowing students to make decisions about project groups or topics
  • Students must feel cared about and recognized for their efforts
  • Teachers who focus on student effort and mastery of a goal, instead of performance on a test or a grade on a report card, are more likely to foster a GROWTH MINDSET (and higher levels of motivation) for their students...