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JoAnna  Gwynn
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Principal's Corner

Ms. JoAnna Gwynn

Bartlett Yancey High School Departments have offered a variety of opportunities for parent involvement and engagement.  There have been 2 "Parent Academy" sessions for parents to attend pertaining to child advocacy and technology tools used to assist students from home.  We have provided an opportunity for parents to share their thoughts and experiences with our "State of the School" address which was implemented this year. We have provided parents with information for Academic and Intellectually Gifted students and College Night.  We connect with parents through our Alert Now system and Connect Ed system to provide parents with necessary information.

Parents, there has been low attendance at all programs provided.  We have only had 1 or 2 parents to attend important informational sessions for student academic achievement and success.  However, at sporting events, the gyms and athletic complex are packed with parents and community members.  How can we as a community improve in all areas if academics isn't first and foremost for our students?  We need to work together to improve the academic relationships in our community.  Please attend meetings and workshops that are tailored for you and your children.  

Thank you.