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Charge Policy for Breakfast and Lunches
Posted On:
Thursday, December 06, 2018

Cafeteria Prices and Charge Policy

  1. Lunch prices for the 2017-2018 school year will be…

Regular Paid Breakfast : $1.40 Regular Paid Lunch : $2.60

Reduced Breakfast: $.30 Reduced Lunch: $.40

Adult Breakfast: $1.60 Adult Lunch $3.30 (with milk) $3.45 (with tea)


Bartlett Yancey High School Procedures for Lunch Charges:

Students who pay full price or reduced price for lunches will be responsible for payment at the time of purchase.  We understand that there are times when students forget to bring their lunches or other circumstances arise, therefore students will be able to charge up to only 3 meals.  After 3 charged lunches, students will be given an alternate meal until they pay the debt owed to the cafeteria. Accrued charges will roll over each school year.  Graduating Seniors who owe a lunch debt will be required to pay the debt before graduation. Parents will be contacted through the alert now system, and letters to inform them  if their child owes money to the cafeteria.

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