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Carmen Pagan Staff Photo

Bachelor degree at Antillean Adventist University Mayaguez, Puerto Rico


Twenty Years teaching English as a Second Language in Puerto Rico. 


I was born in San Juan Puerto Rico. In 1983 I moved to New York city doing my middle and High school studies in there. I returned to my island on 1989. I began my studies as a Secondary English teacher and started working in Luquillo in 1995-2014. I visited South Carolina in 2008 falling in love inmediately with the Carolinas. I decided to move to this wonderful place in 2015 and got hired in Caswell County to be a Spanish Teacher. I'm greateful for this wonderfiul opportunity. This place and its people are beautiful. I'm happy to be back in the classroom and being interacting with my students. They have so many questions about the latin culture! Everytime I show them a video about new places, things, different aspects of the spanish language, the intonantion, pronunciation of the language, many things intrigate them. I wasn't expecting so many interest among the students in the latino culture and the language. It is like opening a new world to them. We enjoy it every single day. I also want to mention that Barlett Yancey High School has an amazing faculty and administration. They are always able to give a helping hand. I don't feel alone in this place.